Route: Pacific Crest Trail through WA (WA)

Washington, US

There have been a few reports of times for each of the 3 states through which the PCT passes (CA, OR, WA).  Some PCT thru-hikes/runs might have resulted in faster state times?  What's posted here is what we know for Washington.


Me and my friend David Mitchell are going for the unsupported WA FKT attempt.

On the old site it was discussed that Heather Anderson did it 11 days 3 hrs. We will be using this as our goal for time to beat. 

We will start on the Washington/Oregon line on the bridge of the Gods on July 27th and hope to reach the Northern terminus in 10 days (Aug 5th). I will be using a spot tracker to validate the attempt.

For anyone who would like to follow along I will be posting when I can on my Instagram: @willruspnw. On there I will also have a link to the Spot tracker share page that will be updating our location every hour. 

-Will Rice

Just for clarification we will actaully be going for the self supported record. Which we believe is 11 days 3hrs. We will walk to our 3 ressuply stops; white pass, snoqulamie and Stevens pass

I plan to make a northbound attempt on this route starting Monday, July 8, 2019.   This will be a solo, self-supported attempt.   I will start at the Oregon border on the Bridge of the Gods and follow the PCT to it's northern terminus (Monument 78), hopefully arriving within 10 days.  I will use a garmin inreach for live tracking and documentation.  You can follow my progress here:

Congrats to Chistof.  I was unable to better his mark.   I gave up my attempt after completing section H (Bridge of The Gods to White Pass).   Surprisingly, both my garmin inreach and suunto watch had trouble locating me on this route.  Following are some stats from my trek through Section H that may be of interest to others attempting the route.

Distance: 148 miles

Elevation gain +28,424 feet,

Elevation loss -24,240 feet 

Start Time: July 8, 2019 4:47 AM

Finish Time: July 10, 2019 7:58 PM

Elapsed Time: 2 days, 15 hrs, 11 minutes

Day 1:

- 53 miles: Bridge of Gods (PCT Mile 2147.6; Mileage from  GutHook App) to Green Lake (Mile 2201.1)

- A lot of elevation gain and loss but much of the trail surface is smooth and conducive to running

Day 2: 

- 53 miles: Green Lake to Midway (Mile 2253.9)

- Less elevation gain and loss, but perhaps more challenging due to rocky surface as you circle around Mt Adams. 

Day 3:

- 42 miles: Midway to White Pass (mile 2295.4)

- Spectacular area traveling through the goat rocks wilderness.  First 10 miles good pace to be had.   On the advice of SOBO hiker, I took the "safer" higher elevation alternate route near Old Snowy to avoid the steep snow traverse.  This option requires scrambling up and down some steep rocky slopes.  In retrospect, I think it would have been much quicker, easier, and probably safer to cut straight across on the standard route.  I watched some hikers cruise quickly through the traverse from high above.  Of course, conditions vary from day to day and the higher elevation option may indeed be safer depending on the day, your comfort with snow traverses, and your gear. 

While I gave up on the FKT, the WA PCT is amazing and I don't want to miss any of it.  I continued hiking up to Chinook Pass and plan to finish off the rest of it over the next several weeks.