FKT: Jason Wheat, Koren Michelle - Sycamore Rim Trail (AZ) - 2022-09-24

Route variation
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Mixed-gender team
Start date
Finish date
Total time
2h 38m 55s
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Koren and I completed this loop on Sat afternoon running CW from the main TH on the NW side. We traveled together for the entirety and were both unsupported using no drops. At just 11 mi, nothing is needed really. The trail had dried up easily since the rain the day prior and was in great shape although a bit overgrown with grass in many spots. The trail is quite technical and requires solid focus and a few min/mi slower than other heavier used trails. I had run the loop the day prior and become familiar with the critical turns and navigation across the Pomeroy Tanks. I can see on Strava routes that nearly everyone gets lost is the tanks crossing. This is a very nice route and I'm surprised it hasn't gotten more attention so close to Flag.