FKT: Jay Whitbourne - Crescent Trail (NY) - 2020-11-29

Route variation
out & back
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
6h 57m 47s

I have run plenty of times on this trail and in June I ran it end to end but since then I have wanted to run it out and back . I ran a section of the trail on Thanksgiving and when I finished I looked at the forecast for the next few days, Sunday looked good so I decided to give the out and back a go and to try it fully unsupported. I waited for the temps to warm up a bit in the morning and to give the sun a chance to melt any frost on the bridges along the trail. It has rained a lot the day before so I knew there would be mud but also ample water along the way to filter. I have heard that the trail starts at the parking lot just outside Bushnell basin but there is also word that it starts down a single track further away from the parking lot. I opted to start at the marker down the single track to make sure I started in the right place. I hit the half school at the other end in 3:08 which was past my expected time but i had to filter some water along the way. On the way back I had to stop a few times to filter water and walk a but to deal with some cramps and a bad stomach. The stomach cleared as did the cramps but the hills in the last 4 miles slowed me down a bit as well. I know I can lower this time so I will be back for another go.