Route: Crescent Trail (NY)

New York, US

Mike Merstock submitted the route:

The Crescent Trail is 18-mile hiking trail through the suburbs of Rochester, NY, established in the 1980s. Mostly singletrack, it links several nature preserves and makes extensive use of private property easements. In addition to the orange-blazed main trail, there are a number of spur and loop trails that nearly double the mileage and link the Crescent Trail to other area trail systems. It features some of the hilliest terrain in the region, great views, and hosts the regionally popular TrailsRoc "0 SPF" half marathon. Locals have recently been recording FKT attempts for both one way and out-and-back traversals, and Trail Methods ( is now maintaining a regionally-focused FKT list as a supplement to the main site.

There are FKT records located at that follow the same standards as this site. Two different FKT routes have been established for this trail:
1. End to end one way from the South/West trailhead to the North/East trailhead
2. Double traversal of the full length, out and back, starting and finishing at the South/West trailhead


Male Female
Unsupported, accompanied
Erica Mead 3h 1m 13s
Pete Kresock 6h 45m 27s