FKT: Jay Whitbourne - Giant - Dix Traverse (NY) - 2021-06-18

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10h 41m 15s
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I had planned on running the route with a friend but last minute ended up going solo. It was a perfect day for it with a cool start in the morning and a nice breeze, Going up Bald I felt like a I was working harder that normal and wasn't sure the day was going to be a go or not. Made it to Bald and cooled of for a second then pushed to Rocky Peak Ridge . This is one of my favorite traverses in the Adirondacks but again I wasn't feeling that great and had thoughts the entire way of calling it on Giant and getting a ride some how to my car at the Elk lake train head. From RPR I could see the Dix range and all the fun climbs ahead. I pushed on to Giant and had made up my mind I was going to call it a day. I had a snack on Giant and sat there for a good 15 thinking about just going all out on the decent for a PR then seeing how I felt. I left the summit and started building pace only having to stop and tie my shoes then dodge a few groups on the way up . This down hill is so much fun and I look forward to it every time. I got to the trail head and was feeling the heat and a little dehydrated. I walked the road towards the Round pond trail head for the Dix range but stopped at the river along the way and soaked my head followed but sitting down to cool off and drink water. I filled my bottles and drank while thinking about calling it a day still but decided that one way or another I was walking to my car ether by finishing the Dix range along the way or by taking Hunters pass. I jogged the road the Round Pond trail head then made my way to the pond and eventually to the trail split to the Noonmark trail where I realized I had lost my bag of sour patch kids along the way. I also was still feeling super dehydrated and drank more water at the stream . Knowing there is no water really once on the Range I knew I needed to rehydrate as best as I could on my way up and would need to have all 3 of my soft flasks full when I leave the slide to climb up Dix. By the time I was at the trail split to keep climbing Dix or take Hunters Pass it was 7 miles either way so I decided to keep pushing to get the Dix range along the way. Once on Dix I knew the worst part left was just going to be going down the McComb slide but still had 4 more peaks along the way. The trails on the range were the best I had seen them since last July so I was able to move with out much concern of sliding in mud. Everything went as usual on the way to Hough and South Dix. Like Bethany and Katie noted in their trip report Grace peak should be part of this traverse to complete the Dix range proper so I added it as well. After a short snack break on Grace I headed back to South Dix and down and up to McComb. I had be battling with leg cramps most of the way back from Grace which slowed things a but but made the going down the McComb slide a slow grind as my quads were locking and unlocking the entire way. Once off the slide I drank more water and shuffled my way down. Once I hit the camp grounds I knew the finish was close and Just jogged it out until I looked up and saw cars through the tress in the trail head parking lot and was not paying attention. My right foot caught on a root and I went down and slide on my right side and both legs cramped up. All I could do was laugh and got up and walked a few feet before "jogging " to the end . This was a really fun traverse and look forward to giving it a go again to take the time down even lower.