Route: Giant - Dix Traverse (NY)

New York, US
26 mi
Vertical Gain
10,000 ft

Ryan Thorpe submitted the route (which overlaps with the Dix Range Traverse):

The Giant-Dix Traverse is a 25-mile point-to-point link up of six Adirondack high peaks: Rocky Peak Ridge, Giant, Dix, Hough, South Dix, and Macomb, as well as numerous smaller peaks.

The route begins at Rt. 9 in New Russia, NY, and follows the East Trail up to the summits of Rocky and Giant. It then descends the Giant Ridge Trail to Rt. 73, follows the highway east for a mile, and picks up the Dix Range Trail to summit the remaining peaks. From the summit of Macomb, the route descends the Slide Brook Trail, a classic Adirondack rock slide, before turning onto the Hunter's Pass Trail and ending at the Elk Lake trail head.

Like its sister route to the west (the Great Range Traverse), the GDT involves steep rugged climbing over exposed ridges with panoramic views. Portions of the route are unblazed, so route finding experience is recommended.

Note:  Joe Cedar did the same route, with the addition of Grace Peak (East Dix), in 13h50m on 8/28/2014, as reported here.  We see logic to including Grace, since it is part of the Dix Range, or not including it, which leaves this route as a pure point-to-point.  For now we have left it out of the FKT route, but may revise that based on future FKT attempts.

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Hey guys, cool traverse. I'm looking at it from a point to point FKT and was wondering for future attempts could the Giant ridge trail be used? It's more direct to the road and then Dix trailhead. I'm giving it a run tomorrow.