FKT: Jazmine Lowther - Maunakea / Mauna Kea (HI) - 2024-03-31

Route variation
round trip from the Visitor Center
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
2h 33m 3s
GPS track(s)

I attempted it a week ago and learned a few things, but I felt like there was more to be had. I shaved 10 minutes off my previous time, though in an ideal world, I'd love to give it a go again with better fitness. There's still ample room for improvement for the women's FKT. 

The altitude is real, or at least it hit me hard both times (full waves of nausea and lead legs). On the day of, there were barely any clouds, making it bone dry. I kept fairly a consistent power hike mode for the up and loved blasting back down:)

Big thanks to my partner and support crew, Chris Sheremata, for heckling me to keep going in that thin, thin air up high! He got me up to the top and I took off solo for the downhill. I only used the hydration and nutrition that I carried. Leki Poles mandatory! My shoes, The North Face Enduris 3's kept the rocks out.

Respect the trail and the sacredness of the place. Touch the sign but do not go to the true peak. 

Mauna Kea is a classic; dare anyone to give it a go.