FKT: Jeff Garmire - Cerro Chirripó (Costa Rico) - 2019-11-29

Route variation
up & back
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
6h 17m 29s

An iconic Costa Rican route that is incredibly dependent on the weather. Clear weather and the route (especially on the way down) is quite runnable, if the weather is bad there is an incredible amount of mud and no views at the top. Either way its a fun one.

Really didn’t feel that great this morning and the trail was muddy. Pushed uphill pretty well and hit a rain storm at the top so it made coming down quickly an easy decision. Three falls in the mud in the descent. Cut my leg real good on one with 3km left to go. Super fun time out there. Apparently I am an ultrarunner although all I’ve done are FKTs. Maybe enter a race in 2020 if I can find money.