Route: Cerro Chirripó (Costa Rico)

Costa Rica
41.8 km

Cerro Chirripó is the 2nd highest peak in Central America. It is located in central Costa Rica. 
The great height of Mount Chirripó relative to its surroundings is also evidenced by its particularly high topographic prominence of 3,727 m (12,228 ft), which makes it the 37th most prominent peak in the world. On clear days it is possible to see across the country from the Pacific Ocean to the Caribbean Sea.
The hike starts 1,500 meters above sea level in the village of San Gerardo on the Talamanca Range. From the valley, the path rises through fields and woodlands before ascending through lush rainforest. The forest gradually turns into scrubland. The trail continuously ascends and descends through ridges and valleys until it reaches the final visitors' refuge at 3,392 meters. From the refuge, there is a remaining two hour hike. Once the last ridge is crossed, there is a remaining 200 meters of steep path. The summit is a 6-meter wide platform of rocks.
There is an annual race which ascends only to the refuge before returning to town. 
The route to the summit and back along the trail is roughly a marathon in length with 10,000 ft of elevation gain. The trail starts and ends about 30 meters past Casa Mariposa. 

The route has a Strava segment, which lists some quick times.

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