FKT: Jeff Rome - Mosquito-Tenmile Traverse (CO) - 2012-08-03

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1d 23h 26m 0s

After reading Bakwin's reports on the MTT, Jeffrey Rome resolved to tackle the ridge and completed the full traverse, from Weston Pass to Frisco, on August 1-3, 2012. He reported this extraordinary feat in a comment posted on the Ultimate Direction Blog:

"Right after I read this post in May I knew I wanted to give the traverse a go. With a good bit of luck I was able to complete it in one go, from Wednesday at 6 PM to Friday at 5:26 PM (I ended up sleeping quite a bit), without resupply and tagging every peak. I could see this being done in under thirty hours, though. Two days seems a little slow, but now the door’s been opened. Thanks, Peter, for inspiring me to get out there and have the craziest two days of my life!" -- Jeffrey Rome, August 4, 2014

"On the ridge, I began to transcend hunger and pain and sleep deprivation. I rationed my food out, and had to look at my watch to know when to eat—100 calories every two hours, plus something larger every six. I spent my second night out huddled in a flat spot between two boulders, amidst ramparts in the most technical and maze like part of the traverse." -- Jeffrey Rome

"Big objectives like this, with little room for error, force one to forget about the end goal—forgetting time is better than any other goal. It’s an odd paradox that in time-based objectives one seems to achieve the best time when they forget about time, and just focus on movement, on the terrain beneath and immediately ahead of them." -- Jeffrey Rome