FKT: Jeffrey Stern - Sulphur Mountain Road (CA) - 2020-12-26

Route variation
out & back (gate-to-gate-to-gate)
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
2h 23m 39s

I haven’t been on this road since my Peloton Mag days and forgot what a beaut she is with incredible views of the Ojai Valley, the Los Padres NF/Topa Topa Mountains, the Channel Islands NP, Thousand Oaks and the Santa Monica Mountains. I could even pick out the Backbone Trail and Sandstone Peak. It was a relatively cool mid- to late afternoon with light winds. A bit of a headwind on the return trip and a few bovines to avoid. I hit 1:17:43 at the turnaround, nearly 10 minutes ahead of pace. Overall, this was just a moderate LR at around 100k effort on tired legs in prep for Black Canyon; kept it in check & comfy-cruisey until the last couple miles. 1 Spring caffeine pre-start, 3 (2 caf, 1 not) during at minutes 43, 1:12, 1:45 and 36 ounces of electrolytes. FKT by 17:20...I think a full send on this route could get pretty close to 2:0X gate-to-gate. Good to be back on the board!