FKT: Jenna Kane - Mt Eddy via Sisson-Callahan National Recreation Trail (CA) - 2022-08-28

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out & back
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3h 46m 12s
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There was quite of bit of smoke in town the day before, so I was so grateful to wake up to blue skies the morning of the effort. Born and raised in Mt. Shasta, Mt. Eddy and the Sisson Callahan trail both have a special place in my heart forever. I have biked and run this trail and peak many times in many route variations, and have had my eye on this record for some time.

I was shooting for 3 hours to the summit of Mt. Eddy, but re-calibrated on the climb and set a new goal time of 2:20. I made it in 2:20:55. I ran with about a liter of water which was a little bit heavy at the start, but I never stopped to refill. Probably brought too much food. Greg Cunningham started about 20 minutes after me; we both expected him to pass me, but I kept about 4 or 5 minutes ahead of him the whole effort. Pleasant surprise to run in to Chris Carr, friend and owner of Shasta Mountain Guides at the summit, who wouldn't let me take a break for even a photo.

Thanks to Jason Hardrath for creating a meaningful and rad FKT, and huge props to Ashly Winchester for holding the only female spot for quite some time. 


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Oops- my mistake it was actually Aria Zoner who created the route, not sure why I thought it was Hardrath. Thanks Aria.