FKT: Jenny Abegg, Michael Hutchins - Goode Mountain via Northeast Buttress - 2022-08-13

Route variation
Standard route
Gender category
Mixed-gender team
Start date
Finish date
Total time
13h 57m 42s

Whew! A Goode day! After climbing this peak in 2019 I’ve been dreaming of doing it as a “trail run.” After all, it’s 33ish miles of flat trail with a mountain in the middle, right?! And that’s kind of how it shook out too- about 5:30 of our day was spent climbing and descending, the rest running/hiking the uphills.

7:00 to the summit, 6:30 back down (took a 30 minute break on top). We raged to get back to the van in sub 14 but we’re also highly motivated by tacos in Mazama by 8. It felt like a big effort- I think we really pushed it on the trail and I’m proud of us for not giving into fatigue.

Gear notes: brought a 30m rad line and light harnesses with a locking biner each for rappelling with a munter. Crampons, helmets, puffies, wind jackets and pants. I wore Ultra Raptors, Michael wore Akashas (and wished he’d worn Ultra Raptors). It’s hard to know what to wear on a day like this, but running shoes with sticky rubber for the win!