Route: Goode Mountain via Northeast Buttress

Submitted by Jenny Abegg on Mon, 08/15/2022 - 03:56pm
Washington, US
38.3 mi
Vertical Gain
10,700 ft

At 9,199 feet, Goode is the tallest peak in the North Cascades and the eighth tallest peak in Washington State. Reached by crossing the Goode Glacier, the Northeast Buttress is a classic climbing route that features over 2,000 feet of mostly 3rd and 4th class climbing, with some 5th class mixed in. Most mountaineering parties complete the route in 2-3 days (the summit makes for a very nice bivy).

The standard approach for the Northeast Buttress is via the Bridge Creek Trailhead on the North Cascades Highway (State Route 20). About 13 miles of flat and gradual downhill hiking brings you to an open area at the base of Goode. From here, it's about 5,800 feet of uphill gain to the summit. The descent is off the other side of the mountain, to the Park Creek Trail and back on the PCT at Bridge Creek—roughly 20 miles of well-maintained trail back to the Bridge Creek Trailhead. All told, this route includes about 33 miles of easy trail running (the majority on the PCT) and one large mountain climb. 

Goode can also be climbed from Stehekin, using a different approach to the same trail loop.