FKT: Jenny Kimball, Bethany Payne - Schuylkill River Trail (PA) - 2020-11-07

Route variation
Parkerford - Philadelphia
Gender category
Mixed-gender team
Start date
Finish date
Total time
7h 39m 3s

Bethany and I ran together the whole time. We chose to start in Philadelphia and run to Parker Ford.  The path along Kelly drive can be really busy with bikers and runners so we wanted to get it behind us early, especially with COVID concerns.  We carried most of our own fuel, but our husbands met up with us at Port Providence to give us food and refill our fuel.  There are bathrooms with working drinking fountains at Valley Forge and Port Providence. It was really warm for November and the trail was sunny and hot! There is very little shade along the route, especially now that the leaves are mostly gone.  It was too warm, but still a beautiful day for a long long run.  The website has the distance at 36.39 miles but our Strava said we hit 37.7.  A little bit of the extra could be accounted for with going off the trail a few times to access bathrooms, but it was definitely a bit longer than we were anticipating.  All in all it was a beautiful day to set the first FKT (and our first FKT) on the Schuylkill River Trail.