FKT: Jenny Quilty - Three Brothers Mountain (BC, Canada) - 2020-08-29

Route variation
Heather Trail out & back
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
2h 6m 38s
GPS track(s)

This day was awesome, I drove myself up to the Upper parking lot and started from the sign post for Heather Meadows and view point trail. This trail starts up in the alpine already offering amazing views from the parking lot. It was a sunny day and only about 9 degrees celsius at the start just after 10:00am. There were lots of cars at the lower and upper parking lot and all the hikers were out on the trail. Most, carrying large packs for their day hike or overnight camping. It was great to see so many people on the trail. At the summit there was only 1 other group of 3 and plenty of people making their way up as I ran down. I came across the famous Yellow bellied marmot on the way down, perched on a rock in one of the photos (it is massive!). On the way back I noticed the Viewpoint trail is a one way trail so I follow signage to the right and completed the final few hundred meters there and ran across the end of the parking lot to complete the loop back to the sign post where I started. 


This was self supported and completed alone.