FKT: Jeremy Bradford - Confederation Trail (PE, Canada) - 2012-08-14

Route variation
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Start date
Finish date
Total time
1d 22h 26m 0s

Location: Confederation Trail, PEI, Canada
Planned Date: August 12-14, 2012
Participant(s): Jeremy Bradford
Start/Finish: Tignish / Elmira
Distance: 273.4 km
Time: 46:26:00
Start Time: 5:05am 8/12/12
Finish Time: 3:31am 8/14/12
Day 1: Light rain during the day and heavy rain through the night 
Day 2: Sunny hot and humid

Previous FKT: Unknown (not sure if anyone has run it in a single shot before)

Goal: Since I will miss running the Leadville 100 this year on account of a family reunion in NB, Canada, I figured I'd go ahead and do some ultra running while on vacation. The Confederation Trial is a converted railroad line on PEI which runs the entire length of the island from tip-to-tip. I intend to start the run at the trail head in Tignish and complete the run at the end of the trail in Elmira. I will have family and friends supporting me along the way and hope to complete the run in less than 48 hours.