FKT: Jeremy Hawkey - Dartmoor Crossing (United Kingdom) - 2021-05-07

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6h 56m 12s
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Some extra notes for anyone wanting to try this is easy to get lost!  I probably took 45-60 mins in map reading and wrong turns.

Between Quintin's Man and Statts House ruin there may be a better route rather than heading down to Little Varacombe

When starting out along the river Swimcombe there is a footbridge that crosses the river which might be worth considering to run the other side of the river instead of running along the leat - I would recommend this.

Nuns cross ford to Erme head ford - I went via Crane Hill, but this took a long time and didn't feel like the best route and very difficult to pick a path up again, I don't have any good suggestions for this section but I suspect there is a slightly better way to get across between the two.

Overall a beautiful days running (and walking where we had to!).