FKT: Jess Marion - Presidential Traverse (NH) - 2019-06-28

Route variation
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Finish date
Total time
5h 14m 24s

Some photos on Strava and here:

On Friday, I ran a Presi Traverse FKT. I have family in town and wasn’t able to submit a report until now. I knew I wanted to go fast, but I wasn't really certain how fast until I got going. It was a perfect day - definitely warm, but the breezes were cool enough to keep it from getting too hot. I went over Franklin; I also opted to go down past Mizpah (hut kid’s nostalgia) rather than do the Pierce lollipop. Had to really turn on the afterburners there…I realized Kristina has a FAST descent from Pierce! At last, I sat in the sun at the HiC until the black flies found me and it was time to get on my bike - the (nutty) way to get back to my car via Jefferson Notch! More photos to come; having trouble uploading them all at the moment. I only just noticed that the Garmin signal seemed to drop somewhere on the Valley Way? Hmm… 

Timing notes: 8:42 am start according to my Garmin watch, but I didn’t think to to snap a photo until shortly after starting; photo shows 8:44am. Also have lousy video. Intermediate stops: Top of Valley Way - didn’t record but I remember it was 1:01 approx.; Madison 1:12; Adams 1:43 (photo); Jefferson 2:23 (again wasn’t thinking about a pic until just after - shows 2:25); Washington 3:17 (11:59 am, photo); Eisenhower just before 4:20 elapsed (photo after passing summit - it was crowded); touched 302 and stopped watch, showing 5:14:24 elapsed. Shortly after, took a photo of the actual time, which showed 1:57 pm.