FKT: Jess Ventham, Teddy Page - Guernsey Round (United Kingdom) - 2023-09-15

Route variation
Standard loop
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
8h 2m 33s

A glorious Friday morning, kicked off at just gone 7 with a beautiful sunrise. At about 1km we had our first diversion due to a recent rockfall, lovely trails started to be undulating. Then the real ups and downs started but stunning views of the cliffs. Lots of buzzards, starlings and sparrowhawks out. First 30km were our favourite due to the trails and scenery. 

As per the previous race reports this was definitely a run of two halves. At about 35km we were so exposed in the sun, our lucozade sports were serving us well but did a top up for hydration at a beach cafe. Signs of the heat showed... approx 23degrees and a bit headachy kept us on the hydration train. 

The sections on the road were really tough, we thoroughly enjoyed getting back on the trails.... although not the sandy dune section where Teddy's shoes seemed to attract the sand. We had a bus stop pause to get the sand out of the shoes and socks and carried on. 

The last 15km were pretty brutal, did some walk runs but cracked on knowing only 3 parkruns to go. Coming in back to the more crowded St Peters Port was satisfying and we knew we would make it! Final 2km busy on the shared cycle and pedestrian path but we did it in 8hrs 2minutes and 33 which we were delighted with. 

Straight to the sea to cool down and chips to refuel after!

Happy Running - Team J&T (Jess & Teddy)