FKT: Jesse Wall, Carissa Winning - White Mountains Hut Traverse (NH) - 2020-02-18

Route variation
Winter Open Traverse
Gender category
Mixed-gender team
Start date
Finish date
Total time
22h 29m 35s
GPS track(s)

We followed Cath and Tim's route of the Open AMC Hut System. We walked up to Carter Notch hut, signed the register, went outside and left the hut at 10:53am on Monday the 17th of 2020. We descended 19MB trail to the road and then traveled to Joe Dodge center and up Washington and across the Presidential range to the Highland center. We crossed and went over the AZ trail to Zealand hut where we stopped again to sign the register and check in with the caretaker at 9:38pm on the 17th. We continued on via Twinway breaking trail across the Northern Pemi wilderness. After summitting Garfield we descended into the col below Lafayette in deep winter conditions, eventually hitting the summit of Lafayette and down Old Bridle path by Greenleaf hut and eventually ascending Lonesome Lake trail to the Hut at the lake. We were greeted with big smiles and hi fives from the care taker at 9:22 am on the 18th as the caretaker from Zealand had radioed ahead some time in the morning to let them know to look for us. It was a great surprise!

We did sign all 3 registers and have caretakers witnessed our signing and presence of both athletes.
We did have trouble with my Suunto GPS watch and it split my file into 2 segments and then had some weird straight lines. 
Regarding the FKT style, we followed Tim and Cath's route and plan accordingly accepting no help what so ever [even at the huts from strangers despite the offer of good bourbon!] instead opting to carry all our gear and snow shoes and do self-placed roadside caches for our extra supplies.