FKT: Jesse Wall - Davis Path - Dry River Loop (NH) - 2021-08-25

Route variation
Standard loop
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Total time
8h 15m 50s
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Left the Dry River camping area in the morning but not early enough to beat the heat. I ran the loop the same CCW direction as the previous athletes. I'm curious what others think if this is fastest or to try it CW. For me I did not want to have to do any more climbing in the later part of the trip so thought it best to have mostly descent ahead fo the final 10 miles. I ran alone, carried everything, saw very people except above Glen Boulder to LoC hut. There is ample water on this route so I filtered from the many sources.

A few days after hurricane Henri was not an ideal conditions day as much of this route is boggy, but given the conditions, rough nature of the trail and 85% humidity I feel like it was a decent effort. I'll be happy and humbled to see what some of the big names do on this loop!