Route: Davis Path - Dry River Loop (NH)

Submitted by Brandyn Lewis on Fri, 09/18/2020 - 01:52pm
New Hampshire, US
26.5 mi
Vertical Gain
7,100 ft

Davis Path, White Mountains – Davis Path, completed in 1845 by Nathaniel Davis, son-in-law of Abel and Hannah Crawford, was the third and longest bridle path built to the summit of Mount Washington. The path was in use until about 1853-1854, and then it was neglected and became unusable. In 1910 it was reopened as a footpath. Today, the path is just over 14 miles long with most of it being within the Presidential Range – Dry River Wilderness.

After completing the entire length of the Davis path you drop down to Lake of the Clouds hut and return on the Dry River Trail taking it all the way back to route 302.

The loop also includes either a 3 mile road run at the start of finish on route 302 between the two trailhead.  Note that the route does not actually go to the summit of Mt Washington, as the 2 trails join about 800 vertical feet below the summit.

I think to many people focus on the main Presidential ridge line and miss out on some amazing views and beautiful trails that are great for running by not adventuring down into the Dry River Wilderness. The loop gave me a whole new appreciation of the beauty of the Presidential range from the other side of the ridge line.

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