FKT: Jesse Wall - Sugarloaf Mtn (ME) - 2021-09-06

Route variation
Open course, up & back
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
59m 16s
GPS track(s)

Celebrating Labor Day in the area and thought this looked fun, especially as it's one of the few open course FKTs around. Since the three records all start in slightly different spots I selected Connor's file and started and finished as close as I could get to his GPS location at the Village outside "The Bag" just next to the Super Quad. All alone and it's a short mileage effort so I took nothing but my hydration belt and a few ounces of fluids. Warm but breezy and utterly beautiful day! Glad to break 1 hr given it took me 44 mins to summit. Fastest effort down the road I can find on Strava is 17m and change and there are some fast names so I'm proud of that effort today!