Route: Sugarloaf Mtn (ME)

Maine, US
5.1 mi
Vertical Gain
2,400 ft

From the Sugarloaf Village, run to the summit and return

GPS Track


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I will be attempting this Monday August 24

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I see the men and women's FKT routes are different. Is this acceptable for any attempt to go Fell style and tag the summit and back? I was thinking about a trip up there this October but want to be clear about the route. I assumed all routes on an FKT need to be the same, will plan on the original route set by Connor, but am curious if open Fell climb is an option, sounds fun.

Hey Jesse, based on the variation (the only one) listed as "open course" it seems like the intent was any way up/down from the village.  Have at it!

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Ryan, thanks, I somehow missed that as the category. I don't see many FKTs like this that are fell style and I love that idea, especially if there are multiple routes up it. I feel like more of the Mountain routes on the site should just be Open Course rather than listing all the variations but I guess it's good to have some variation races too.

I plan to give this one a rip tomorrow before MTBing at outdoor center for the holiday! cheers!