FKT: Jessica Baker, Heather Griffith - Pitchell (NC) - 2020-03-29

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1d 2h 46m 10s
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Was Flagged on 4/23/20 due to a Comment noting the Park was closed at this time; Removed 5/13 as questions were adequately addressed.


Hey, just confused because I went to tag Mt Mitchell on the 29th as well and the park was closed due to Covid 19. I was planning to do the fkt up the Crest, but I stopped when I got to the park boundary, trying to be responsible. Are y'all accepting fkts on routes that are currently closed? I just assumed not. 

Thank you for following the rules of your local land management agency.  Everyone should be obeying the law, and also maintaining social distancing.  We don't have the ability to determine what is and isn't legal, particularly during this time when rules are rapidly changing.

Haha, I bet you a have A LOT on your plates right now!! We definitely appreciate all you do. That park unfortunately (for all of us!) did officially close to the public on March 25th.