FKT: Jessica Brazeau, Lindsey McDonald, Jake Rewerts - Superstition Ridgeline (AZ) - 2024-02-17

Route variation
out & back
Gender category
Mixed-gender team
Start date
Finish date
Total time
7h 7m 36s
GPS track(s)

On Saturday morning myself, Lindsey McDonald and Jake Rewerts set out to complete the Superstition Ridgeline Traverse out and back as fast as we could. The previous day, we dropped off a cache of water and extra food at the Carney trailhead, the turn around/ half way point of the traverse. We were uncertain what filtering and water access would be like along the route at this time of year so hence the cache. The weather was clear skies and sunny with lows in the mid 40F’s  and highs in the low 70F’s. We started at 07:43 in the morning at the Siphon Draw Trailhead and crested the saddle of the technical scrambly section of trail that is also shared with the flat iron route in about 54 minutes. Once on top of the traverse the scenery was great and the route a mix of short runnable sections, cactus gardens, and easy scrambling and down climbing slower sections. We moved well and made it to the Carney Springs trailhead in 3 hours and 6 minutes and 10 seconds which established the new fkt for the women’s one way. We resupplied on water and food from our cache taking about 20 minutes and 33 seconds to regroup. At about 11:10am we headed back up the Carney Springs trail to the ridge line which took a little less than 40 minutes from the trailhead to the saddle. It was a hot climb and very exposed to the sun but once on the ridge and at higher altitude the temperatures felt less hot. We worked well together as a group on keeping a steady pace on the way back. After the very technical descent down Siphon draw on tired legs we made it back to the Siphon draw trailhead in 7 hours 7 minutes and 36 seconds at around 2:51pm. Our split for the second half was 3 hours 40 mins and 51 seconds.