FKT: Jim Wei - Lost Creek Wilderness Southern Loop (CO) - 2019-06-21

Gender category
Route variation
Big Loop (37 miles)
Finish date
Total time
12h 27m 37s

Started and finished at Spruce Groove Campground trailhead which added about 5 miles to the trip. Also took a wrong turn onto Lizard Rock trail which added ~1.5 miles. Total time was 13:44. Actual time on the loop was around 12 hours. After a heavy snow winter, there were water everywhere so easily got away with just two 500 mL bottles. I'm a pretty slow runner and people can easily run this in 6 or 7 hours I'm sure.

NOTE:  Jim's total time was 13h44m42s, but cutting out the out & back for starting at Spruce Grove, Strava shows his time for the loop (plus the wrong turn on Lizard Rock Trail) as stated.