FKT: Jimmy McCaffrey - Saugatuck Trail (CT) - 2019-04-03

Route variation
one way
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
1h 45m 8s

My name is Jimmy McCaffrey and I set the initial FKT on the CT blue blazed Saugatuck Trail on April 3, 2019, running the south-north direction in 1:45:08. I started at the southern terminus in Weston on Davis Hill Road at 11:47 am and proceeded north to the junction with the Aspetuck Trail at Black Rock Turnpike in Redding, CT. This was a "flash" attempt; to borrow a term from climbing, as I had a tiny bit of beta from stalking a few runners on Strava that have completed the route as well as from the CT Forest and Parks website, but have never actually set foot on the route before my FKT attempt. It is a gem of a trail- so runnable! I am sure much faster runners can put the time down under 1:30, so please have at it y'all.