Route: Saugatuck Trail (CT)

Connecticut, US
11.1 mi

The 11.8-mile Saugatuck Trail is located within the 15,000-acre Centennial Watershed State Forest and closely parallels its namesake, the Saugatuck Reservoir. The trail offers a variety of terrain; rock outcroppings, vernal pools, wetlands, streams, and spectacular views of the reservoir. The trail also connects to the blue-blazed Aspetuck Trail at Black Rock Turnpike, offering longer distance hiking opportunities. In addition to the moderate terrain you will find along the trail there are several road crossings as well as several creek crossings- some have amazing "newer" bridges built over them while some are dilapidated, while some are just rock hops. While the trail is technical in spots (mostly towards the northern terminus) it is amazingly runnable by Connecticut standards. The majority of the trail is single track.