FKT: Jo Meek - Dartmoor 600s (United Kingdom) - 2021-05-07

Route variation
Open course
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Total time
2h 45m 38s
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Initially I had planned to do it on May 9th but the weather looked awful so bought it forward. The sun was out, there was a wind but nothing too much. Paul Crease ran it with me- he is a previous record holder. The ground was beginning to get wetter however the grass was still low. The route was pretty direct to Cut Hill taking 54mins. Then to Hanginstone Hill where we joined the military tracks to weave around to just before the ascent up High Willhays and on to Yes Tor. Crappy route down off Yes Tor before crossing the West Okement river. We then stayed high around Branscombe before hitting the military track to run it in.