FKT: Joe Kennedy - Montaña de Oro 3 Peaks (CA) - 2020-12-17

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2h 18m 36s
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The day started with a little light rain and stayed foggy until the last few miles - a beautiful way to end a run! Since there has not yet been a time posted for this route, I thought I might as well give it my best (although I know of a few local folks who will smash this once they see it). I brought 14oz of water, around 350 calories, and started my watch at the Valencia TH sign and stopped it at the Hazards TH sign. Legs felt great minus some slightly achey knees at the end! MdO is an absolutely beautiful park and this route hits the best summits and some of the best sections of trail in the entire park (and maybe the central coast?). Plus finishing off with a cold soak at Spooner's Cove is the icing on top for any of the trails here!