Route: Montaña de Oro 3 Peaks (CA)

Submitted by andygerst10s on Mon, 11/09/2020 - 08:49pm
California, US
17.28 mi
Vertical Gain
2,924 ft

This route encompasses the three most popular peaks in Montaña de Oro State Park -  Valencia, Oats and Hazard peaks. I believe this is the most efficient way to hit all three peaks while staying on trail the entire time and not returning to the main road.

The run begins at the main road with the entire Valencia Peak trail. After reaching the peak, descend about a quarter mile to a connector trail that takes you to the Oats Peak trail. Once there, take a right and complete the final 2.5 miles of the second climb to the top of Oats Peak. Descend almost the entire length of the Oats Peak trail until you hit the Reservoir Flats trail. Take a right at that junction and run the 1.1 mile length of the trail, cross over the Islay Creek fire road and begin your final climb on the Canyon View trail. After completing those 2.2 miles, take a right at the Hazard Peak trail junction and finish the final 1.4 miles of your final climb. Descend the way you came down the entire Hazard Peak trail, finishing at the main road.

Montaña de Oro State Park is one of the most beautiful recreational areas along the beautiful California Central Coast. This route connects three of the most popular destinations in the park and provides stunning views of the iconic coastline virtually the entire time!

Note that the short road connection between starting and finishing trailheads is not part of the FKT.


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I plan on going for this FKT on this Sunday (1/24/2021) with a few of my buddies (Will Fuchs, Finn James, Chris Andrews)! Should be a fun time, we're all super excited to go for an FKT on our home trails!

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is this route the required route? or is the FKT just how fast you can tag each peak and the specific route doesn’t matter?


also spoiler alert, the FKT attempt by me and friends back in january was canceled due to the injury of will and we just never got around to it again