FKT: Joe Kisner - Florida Trail (FL) - 2012-01-01

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30d 3h 0m 0s

I was led to the FKT by search engines about my previous Florida Hike. I attempted to yo-yo the state, but due to the amount of road walking, I decided well into the hike to stop at the completion of one way. All facts of my hike were recorded before and after the hike. I hiked the entire state in 35 days 22 hours, and the Florida Trail in 30 days and 3 hours. I was in constant contact with Adam Bradley, and he wrote a bit about the hike. I started in Key West, hiked to the southern terminus, took the western route around Lake Okachobee, and the eastern route around Orlando. I completed the hike at Fort Pickens, Pensacola, the western terminus. The total miles of the hike is just shy of 1300 miles according to maps and guide books, but I believe it is a bit more due to road maps and gps readings. The FTA and forest service is doing some big changes to the trail this year, and my record will most likely be obsolete due to a much shorter route. But if anyone is interested in attempting on breaking it, I would be glad to help out as much as possible. It was done unsupported, and without missing a single step. All information can be found @, and all questions can be asked @

Kisner's Florida Trail info is here. (comment added by admin)