FKT: Joey Campanelli - Colorado Fourteeners (CO) - 2020-07-02

Route variation
peaks in 24 hours
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Finish date
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Total time
22h 54m 20s

I was going for Nolans 14.  When I reached Missouri, summit 10, in 22:21, it dawned on me that I vaguely remember that being the record for 14ers climbed in 24 hours.  So upon looking into it, it is indeed.  Though, there are some arbitrary guidelines (CO rules?) I had to apply and figure out a time.  So, 31 minutes to get to 11,000ft on Shavano (3,000ft below summit) and then an hour and four minutes to get down to Clohesy lake (3,000 feet below Missouri.)  Luckily, Clohesy lake is ~3,100 feet below Missouri, otherwise I would not meet the criteria.    

So following Josh's rules, I summited 10 x 14ers from 3,000 feet below in 22:54:20 (approximate, but pretty close).

I am a big fan of human powered/unsupported adventure and favor it over supported/crew/car driving polluting to do adventures.  This is why I did an out and back of the highline trail (hiking an extra 80 miles), instead of one way, driving 5 hours around before and after.  Or, when Stringbean self-supported beat the supported record on the AT, I thought that was the coolest (right way? more righteous to do it)

Of course these are my opinions/beliefs, you are entitled to your own.