FKT: Joey Campanelli - Nolan's 14 (CO) - 2020-07-02

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1d 17h 33s

Third times the charm, again.
Yesterday? 41:00 of pure bliss while I traversed from Blank Cabin to the Fish Hatchery(our beloved "Nolans 14"). I had every intention of continuing on to holy cross, but I really pushed myself in the end, and with a scratched cornea making seeing an issue, I decided to be a wimp.
Ive made a lot of great friends and memories over the years in the amazing blissful Sawatch mountains. Truly, a place in my heart. I hope I get to cherish many more moments in them, and recommend you give 'em taste.
Back in winter time, I wrote sub 44hrs Nolans on my goals white board. I thought that would be a big ask. I blew my own mind yesterday. But it goes to show you; if you study the route and terrain, work on your skills, and hone your mountain sense, you can move harmoniously with and thru the mountains. Pure "flow" is how I would describe my run. Like in the middle of the night, by the faint light, glissading down ¬Ņthe most beautiful scree slide? on the west face of Mt Missouri.
...this 3rd charm thing is making me think I should go back to the ATūü§™
Huge thanks to
Teresa for letting me borrow her car
@carolinegleich for the hypoxico tent
@sarah.hansel for the ride back to the car
And really everyone else, who has played a role in shaping this "life"

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