Route: Nolan's 14 (CO)

Colorado, US

Nolan's 14 is fourteen 14ers in the Sawatch Range in one foot-powered push of less than 60 hours. Route is open, but distance is 80+ miles and elevation gain is around 40,000' minimum. It's a big weekend and it's rarely done. Full description at

One controversy surrounding this challenge is whether the 60 hour cut-off refers to the last summit or the final trailhead.  Also, if you go over 60 hours can you be considered a Nolan's 14 "finisher" (i.e., finisher of the "event"), or have you merely competed the Nolan's route?

Here's a list of those who have finished the Nolan's route (thanks to Gavin McKenzie). Times are given for the final summit and for the TH. Note that some are over the 60 hour cutoff time. has a nice article on the background of Nolan's.

Mike Tilden (Shavano- 56:22, Blank TH- 58:51)
Blake Wood (Shavano- 57:55, Blank TH- 59:38)
John Robinson (Shavano- 57:55, Blank TH: 60:01)
Jim Nelson (Shavano- 59:06, Blank TH- 62:09)

John Robinson (Massive- 52:42, Fish TH- 54:57)

Jared Campbell & Matt Hart (Shavano- 57:30, Blank TH- 58:58)
Eric Lee (Shavano- 56:05, Blank TH- 57:27)

Brandon Stapanowich & Gavin McKenzie (Shavano- 54:47, Blank TH- 56:19)
Brandon Worthington (Shavano- 57:24, Blank TH- 59:24)
Andrew Hamilton (Massive- 57:18, Fish TH- 60:19)
David Ruttum (Massive- 60:37, TH approx. 63hours)

Missy Gosney & Anna Frost (Shavano- 57:55, Blank TH-?? (more than 60 hours)) ***Women's southbound FKT
David Ruttum (Shavano- 53:52, Blank TH- 55:38)
Andrew Hamilton (Massive- 51:24, Fish TH- 53:39) ***Men's unsupported FKT!

Ted Mahon (Massive- 52:52, Fish TH- 55:37)
Nick Pedatella (Massive- 54:38, Fish TH- 57:31)
Megan Hicks (Massive- 57:18, Fish TH- 59:36) *** Women's northbound & overall FKT!

Andrew Hamilton TH-TH in 53:42 ***Men's southbound FKT#
Jared Campbell & Gary Robbins, TH-TH in 56:39
Iker Karrera (Massive= 43:15, Fish TH- 47:40) ***Men's northbound & overall FKT!

#Note that Andrew started at the trailhead for Holy Cross at 7:45AM on 6/29 and reached the Fish Hatchery about 12 hours later. He slept a few hours and then started Nolan's at around 1:30AM on 6/30, and reached the Blank Gulch TH at 7:17AM on 7/2, thereby completing a traverse of the 15 Sawatch 14ers in about 71h32m (in addition to setting the FKT for southbound Nolan's)!

39.0294368, -106.4730831