Route: Nolan's 14 (CO)

Colorado, US

Nolan's 14 is fourteen 14ers in the Sawatch Range in one foot-powered push of less than 60 hours. Route is open, but distance is 80+ miles and elevation gain is around 40,000' minimum. It's a big weekend and it's rarely done. Full description at

One controversy surrounding this challenge is whether the 60 hour cut-off refers to the last summit or the final trailhead.  Also, if you go over 60 hours can you be considered a Nolan's 14 "finisher" (i.e., finisher of the "event"), or have you merely competed the Nolan's route?

Here's a (not complete) list of those who have finished the Nolan's route (thanks to Gavin McKenzie). For a more exhaustive list see Matt Mahoney's site.  Times are given for the final summit and for the TH. Note that some are over the 60 hour cutoff time. has a nice article on the background of Nolan's.

Mike Tilden (Shavano- 56:22, Blank TH- 58:51)
Blake Wood (Shavano- 57:55, Blank TH- 59:38)
John Robinson (Shavano- 57:55, Blank TH: 60:01)
Jim Nelson (Shavano- 59:06, Blank TH- 62:09)

John Robinson (Massive- 52:42, Fish TH- 54:57)

Jared Campbell & Matt Hart (Shavano- 57:30, Blank TH- 58:58)
Eric Lee (Shavano- 56:05, Blank TH- 57:27)

Brandon Stapanowich & Gavin McKenzie (Shavano- 54:47, Blank TH- 56:19)
Brandon Worthington (Shavano- 57:24, Blank TH- 59:24)
Andrew Hamilton (Massive- 57:18, Fish TH- 60:19)
David Ruttum (Massive- 60:37, TH approx. 63hours)

Missy Gosney & Anna Frost (Shavano- 57:55, Blank TH-?? (more than 60 hours)) ***Women's southbound FKT
David Ruttum (Shavano- 53:52, Blank TH- 55:38)
Andrew Hamilton (Massive- 51:24, Fish TH- 53:39) ***Men's unsupported FKT!

Ted Mahon (Massive- 52:52, Fish TH- 55:37)
Nick Pedatella (Massive- 54:38, Fish TH- 57:31)
Megan Hicks (Massive- 57:18, Fish TH- 59:36) *** Women's northbound & overall FKT!

Andrew Hamilton TH-TH in 53:42 ***Men's southbound FKT#
Jared Campbell & Gary Robbins, TH-TH in 56:39
Iker Karrera (Massive= 43:15, Fish TH- 47:40) ***Men's northbound & overall FKT!

#Note that Andrew started at the trailhead for Holy Cross at 7:45AM on 6/29 and reached the Fish Hatchery about 12 hours later. He slept a few hours and then started Nolan's at around 1:30AM on 6/30, and reached the Blank Gulch TH at 7:17AM on 7/2, thereby completing a traverse of the 15 Sawatch 14ers in about 71h32m (in addition to setting the FKT for southbound Nolan's)!

39.0294368, -106.4730831


This is a beast... after a few weeks of scouting now, I’m planning on giving it a go sometime between Aug 29 and Sep 8, together with my partners Tara and Ilana. 

Good Luck! Keep us posted. I'm prepping for next year at this time.