FKT: Joey Campanelli - Uinta Highline Trail (UT) - 2020-08-11

Route variation
out & back
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
2d 10h 46m 0s

Uinta Highline Yo-Yo

Went out to do the Yo Yo of the Highline trail.  Started at Hayden pass at 2:38am on 8/9/20.  I was moving well and noticed that I was ahead of Jared's record pace.  I decided to keep pushing and got to the Hackling Lake trailhead in 21:44(12:21am 8/10/20).  I was kind of surprised I was so far ahead of pace, but lost a bit of time wondering around in the dark.  I then napped in the dirt for 2:30.  Then proceeded to head home.  I was exhausted and sleepy.  It became a real death march, but I got back to the Hayden pass Trailhead in 58:46(1:24pm 8/11/20)  

I recorded the entire trip on my Suunto Ambit3, which, for some reason will not upload.  It says its sycning, but never goes through.  If anyone has any real help, Im happy to receive it.  I've tried about everything.  The only thing I can think of is trying to copy and paste the file from the watch while connected to a computer: however; it does not show up as a USB mass storage device and I haven't a clue where else to find the watch connection on my computer.

I did take videos at many of the key places.  They are time stamped and should be geotagged(not sure how to check that) but I have them all saved in stories on my instagram.  I really hate to document an effort like this.  Next time I will make sure I use my phone strava as well(I was worried about the phone dying in such a remote place and put my faith in the watch(whoops))

Admin note:  We were able to verify Joey's times from the video files.