Route: Uinta Highline Trail (UT)

Utah, US
78.1 mi

The Uinta Highline Trail runs the length of the high Uinta mountain range through the High Uintas Wilderness in northeastern Utah. It is a true wilderness trail, and does not intersect a road for at least 70 miles. The trail is around 100 miles long, but most backpacking trips are done over a 70 mile section between Chepeta Lake and Hayden Pass. A map of this section, which is entirely above 10,000 feet elevation, is here. A topo map is here.

Davy Crockett and Matt Watts set out to run this 70-mile section on August 4, 2007. Their trip was unsupported, which is probably the only practical way to do this route. Davy's detailed report gives an in-depth description of the route. Matt finished the run in 29h44m, with Davy coming in 14 minutes later.

Davy Crockett ran a longer (about 80 miles) route starting at the Leidy Peak TH in 33h19m on July 30-31, 2010. Subsequently, this longer route seems to be the "standard". Chad Brackelsberg did this route in 28h16m on August 29-30, 2010. Stephen Jones lowered the FKT to 27h41m49s on July 22, 2013. Chad Brackelsberg reclaimed the men's FKT (26h42m) and Emily Brackelsberg set the first women's FKT (27h24m) on August 31 - September 1, 2013. The pair ran together the Dead Horse Lake, then split up. Bret Ferrier and Travis Morrison brought the men's FKT down to 25h29m44s on July 23-24, 2016. And finally, Shane Hughes posted a slightly faster time (25h26m41s) on August 19, 2017. Each of these trips is reported below.


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I can't figure out from the description if the standard route is 100 miles or 80 miles. Either way, Campbell's a beast.

Anyone know if a 'double Highline' (out-and-back) has ever been accomplished or reported?

Joey Campanelli just did one a couple days ago. Some details on his Instagram.