FKT: Joey Luther - Cerro Chirripó (Costa Rico) - 2014-04-05

Route Variation
up & back
Finish Date
Time (duration)
8h 21s

8hrs0min21sec. The route up and down is fully on trail and starts and ends 12m23sec into my activity and 6min0sec before the end of my activity on strava. It was tracked with my iphone strava app. I started directly and ended at my hotel. Got water from Refugios (2 places along route)
This route deserves a spot on since it is classic with tons of hikers and is super similar to Colorado 14ers, especially the Pikes Peak Marathon. 
My time is likely easily beaten as my Pikes Marathon time this year was a little over 6 hrs, (mid pack runner), and Chirripo was not a race effort however it is faster than anything I could find online in English and on Strava for the complete route. I had very little previous knowledge of the route but it is straightforward enough to follow on-sight. There are at least 2 Cerro Chirripo Strava roundtrip segments none under 8 hrs, however I bet Peter or Buzz have done this faster! [admin note:  Nope!]