FKT: John Clarke - Fishers Peak State Park Loop (CO) - 2023-06-06

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1h 6m 20s
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Fishers Peak is a hidden gem! It's a brand new State Park in a relatively less populated and less touristed area. The trails are pristine, especially the Goldenrod Trail.

It's been raining recently so it was a bit muddy on the Goldenrod Trail with clay-like mud sticking to my shoes and significantly slowing me down. I saw an enormous number of wildlife footprints in the mud. I ran the route clockwise. Much of the uphill Goldenrod Trail is covered with trees and foliage. The Fishers Peak / Challenge Hill Section is totally different. Completely exposed and a massive downhill to the finish back at the parking lot. Fishers Peak itself is quite prominent among the seemingly endless green forest. 

I loved this park and look forward to returning to run a bit faster on drier trails.