FKT: John Clarke - London Mountain - 2023-08-17

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Standard route
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1h 51m 53s

Loved this route! Found it via the FKT website, which is a great resource for finding interesting routes around the country. Beautiful day. Sunny, blue sky, warm but not too hot. Only slightly windy along the final ridge. Carried a 350ml handheld and drank all of it by the end of the run. A lot of this route is runnable; the rest solid power hiking. Stunning 360 degree vistas once you're on the final ridge toward the summit. 

I also recommend stopping in the nearby town of Alma. Some cool small businesses there. Al-Mart store has way more product than you'd think. Mix of gear, super market, and convenience store items. Coffee shop across from Al-Mart is brand new and excellent for sandwiches, pastries, smoothies, and coffee. I got a tour of the hostel on the main drag (Hwy 9) and it's very nice. South Park Saloon down the street is a mainstay in town.