Route: London Mountain

Submitted by James Lauriello on Sat, 08/12/2023 - 01:30pm
Colorado, US
8.01 mi
Vertical Gain
1,906 ft

Among the top 500 highest peaks in Colorado, London Mountain sits somewhat alone, seperating the Mosquito Creek Basin to the east and northeast from American Flats and the South Mosquito Basin to the southwest.

Occupying a fine neighborhood, London Mountain is surrounded by Mosquito Range highcountry. Nearby peaks visible from the summit of London Mountain include: Pennsylvania Mountain (13,006 ft.), Mount Evans (13,577 ft.), Sheep Mountain (12,818 ft.), Mosquito Peak (13,781 ft.), Treasurevault Mountain (13,701 ft.), Mount Arkansas (13,795 ft.), Mount Tweto (13,672), Mount Buckskin (13,865 ft.) and Loveland Mountain (13,692 ft.)

This peak is readily accessible to those with a 4x4, and the west ridge provides slightly more interesting summit access than a mere walk-up, though the scrambling is easy. In addition to lovely Mosquito Range scenery as well as views of distant peaks, visitors to this mountain get to enjoy old mining structures of the North London Mine and even curious left over mining equipment, all evidence of the stamp the mineral industry has left on this mountain region.

Note: Start of the route begins at the 2WD pulloff off Mosquito Pass Road (as depicted by the route GPX), rather than the turn off the road onto trail further north. This si to accomodate folks attempting the route who do not have access to a 4WD vehicle.

Rank: 493rd highest peak in Colorado
Prominence: 534 feet

GPS Track


I love finding new and interesting routes on the FKT website! Beautiful day for me: sunny, blue sky, warm not too hot, slightly windy on the final ridge toward the summit but not bad. Incredible 360 degree views. Cool mining ruins along the way. In fact, I saw two guys digging around in some rocks near one of the old wooden structures. These were the only two people I saw while out there. 

13ers are so much better than 14ers! Far less crowded with all the stunning scenery and challenge of high altitude. I can't wait to run this route again!