FKT: John Clarke - Pinnacle Mountain (AR) - 2022-06-12

Route variation
W Summit, ascent
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
12m 38s

Ran and power hiked the West Summit Trail to the top of Pinnacle Mountain within Pinnacle Mountain State Park. It was extremely hot today: 96 degrees and 57% humidity according to Strava with a "feels like" temperature of 113 degrees. 

This is a beautiful route with amazing views from the summit! The trail is quite technical too. Lots of sharp, off-camber rocks. Then, toward the top there are huge smooth, slippery slick rock. Fortunately the route is short and it doesn't take an extended effort to be rewarded with the stunningly magnificent views from the summit. 

I only pushed the Ascent to achieve the FKT. I was very careful on the sometimes treacherous descent as it's quite easy to get hurt if you push the downhill. Some rocks are a bit unstable as well. 

P.S. I tried to upload some photos here but got errors. I do have a couple photos on the Strava link. 


Strava link is private.