Route: Pinnacle Mountain (AR)

Arkansas, US
0.6 mi

Pinnacle Mtn (1,011 feet) is the centerpiece of Pinnacle Mountain State Park, just west of Little Rock.  The West Summit Trail, which has a Strava segment, winds it's way for about 0.7 miles up to the summit.

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I’m on a road trip from Colorado to a race called The Last Annual Heart of the South. I decided to divert to Pinnacle State Park and run this route. Beautiful country! I’m setting out soon to claim the ascent FKT as it's 96 degrees and quite humid! I’ll report back later. 

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I'm glad it was a short route because it was sweltering today! I'm not used to this humidity living in Colorado! Strava said it was 96 degrees with 57% humidity for a "feels like" temperature of 113 degrees. 

I loved this trail! The broader Pinnacle State Park area is amazing and the views from the summit are magnificent! It's a very technical trail with lots of sharp, off-camber slick rock. Then, toward the top it's a complete rock garden.

I can't imagine pushing the downhill. It was treacherous and very easy to get hurt if you're pushing for time going down.

Here is my Strava link for the Ascent: