FKT: John Harrison Pockler - Bruce Trail (ON, Canada) - 2020-09-20

Route variation
Standard route
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Start date
Finish date
Total time
9d 17h 2m 25s

Tracking, photos, videos, website:

I was tracking with 3 devices at all times


Core Crew

Alex Emeny (Crew in the main van)

Connor Emeny (Crew in the main van)

Jamie McDonell (Crew in his own vehicle)


Day 1 - Friday, September 11 - 2,038 m ascent

  • Started at 6:00:12 am on September 11 at the northern terminus with 3 trackers Garmin inReach Explorer+, Gaia GPS with iPhone, Garmin fenix 5x

  • 4h without water and food due to restricted access for van

  • Forgot headlamp and windbreaker for the night

  • Had to use iPhones for light to get out of the trail for 2h

  • Met Steve Kenny at night on the trail coming towards us


Day 2 - Saturday, September 12 - 2,591 m ascent

  • Our crew backed into a tree on a sideroad which shattered right rear side window of the van which needed to be taped up with cardboard boxes

  • At the end of the night, I ran down Sideroad Coles to exit the trail since the van couldn’t get close to me. It was a background road which was muddy and the van wouldn't have been able to get to me

  • Hugo Orozco-Reyes RMT joined me for massage and acupuncture in the evening


Day 3 - Sunday, September 13 - 1,642 m ascent

  • Heavy rain in the morning running up the Sideroad Coles to get back to trailhead and enter at the same spot again, visibility was 50 cm

  • Finished at Bayview Escarpment Boundary sign


Day 4 - Monday, September 14 - 1,494 m ascent

  • I fell onto my tailbone due to a slippery rock which damaged the Garmin inReach Explorer+ screen, it saved me from a potential massive injury

  • It thankfully was still recording but we couldn’t switch it off anymore so we kept it charged at all times and put it into a Ziploc bag with a power bank overnight 

  • Sunny weather, first nice day in a while

  • Steve Kenny’s wife, Jade joined in the evening for a message


Day 5 - Tuesday, September 15 - 2,030 m ascent

  • Suffered from terrible pain in knees caused by pinched nerve / overuse on downhill

  • Dr. Kris Sheppard, joined in the late evening for massage and maintenance


Day 6 - Wednesday, September 16 - 2,211 m ascent

  • Rainy weather again


Day 7 - Thursday, September 17 - 2,812 m ascent

  • Stopped for a CTV interview at 03:15 pm on a backroad

  • Sunny weather

  • Hugo Orozco-Reyes travelled up for massage and acupuncture that evening


Day 8 - Friday, September 18 - 2,187 m ascent

  • Hugo Orozco-Reyes travelled up for massage and acupuncture that evening


Day 9 - Saturday, September 19 - 2,059 m ascent

  • Reid Coolsaet came out to join for a run


Day 10 - Sunday, September 20 - 1,774 m ascent

  • 60 km to go, got tunnel view and weird vision got treated by Hugo Orozco-Reyes with acupuncture

  • 15+ people at the finish line

  • Completed the Bruce Trail at 11:02 pm, stopped at 9 days, 17 hours, 2 minutes, 25 seconds