FKT: John McAlister, Derrick Spafford - Frontenac Provincial Park Perimeter (ON, Canada) - 2011-11-17

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Total time
5h 53m 50s

Frontenac Provincial Park, Sydenham, ON Canada
Date Completed: November 17, 2011
Fastest Known Time set by: John McAlister and Derrick Spafford (previous FKT set by Keith Iskiw and Derrick Spafford on June 19, 2009)
Start/Finish: Park Office
Distance: 51km
Time: 5:53:50
Direction: Counter-clockwise
Conditions: 0C, dry conditions, Snowing at north end
Elevation change: +2,904 feet gain
Comments/Exceptions: This route did not include Doe Lake or Arab Lake Gorge loop as it is not part of the perimeter. The route used was the true perimeter and included the full outside of Slide Lake Loop (not the Great Rock side trail option).