FKT: John Shep - The Great Trail: Webb Rd - Goodwood Rd (ON, Canada) - 2021-05-27

Route variation
out & back
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
4h 15m 6s
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I moved to Durham region six months before the pandemic reared its ugly head.  The last in-person race that I competed in (Crazy Cat Adventures 25k) was in the Durham Forest.  Throughout the COVID times, I have found solace by exploring these trails: Goodwood Forest, Secord Forest, Clubline and Norton Tracts, North Walker Woods and the Durham Regional Forest.

On Thursday, May 27, I connected the trails of Durham using The Great Trail.  Technically, The Great Trail continues North and East after the Durham Forest exit onto Goodwood Road, but then you start to dipsy-doodle through the Town of Uxbridge (Elgin Park) until you get to the Uxbridge-Lindsay Rail Trail.

The weather had been great for the days leading up to the run, so the trails were extremely dry and runnable.  Carried my own food and hydration (2L of Tailwind in a run vest and a few Hammer Gels), for a fully unsupported effort.  Was a little slow at the very beginning and end, since the trail isn't 100% clearly marked in the Goodwood Forest.

Finding some peace on The Great Trail in Durham region.