FKT: Jojo Klein - Jubiläumsweg (Germany) - 2019-09-27

Route variation
Standard route
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Total time
2h 41m 37s

Parkplatz Hinterstein - Willersalpe - Jubiläumsweg - Prinz Luitpold Haus - Giebelhaus ‼️ NUFF SAID ‼️

A real test for my legs especially in the downhills as it is a long time ago that I went close to limit in technical terrain - but I was able to concentrate 100 % on that challenge and never lost a thought about any issues in shinbone or what so ever. 🤠✊

The result is an FKT in sub 3 hours, which absolutely makes me proud and happy because for me the Jubiläumsweg is one of the most beautiful trails in our Allgäuer Alps and seeing the Schrecksee is always something pleasant for every outdoor lover. ⛰️🐐

Thanks also @florianfelch for bringing this FKT to live and @andreasschindler for setting the old record. Now it is up to all of you out there to challenge those: 2h 41min