FKT: Jon Balabuck, Andrew Smith, Kip Sigsworth, Robert Bailey - Casque Isles Trail (ON, Canada) - 2020-10-16

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7h 43m 41s

October 16,2020.

Casque Isle Trail- 53km ran East to West

Start time approx. 09:15 . cold -5, and light snow.

This run was supported with aid at: hydro, Schreiber, and Rainbow Falls.


The day started with in cold, snow covered conditions. First coastal sections were extremely slippery due to the cool temps and water on the rocks. Great care had to be taken on ones’ footing. Trail was in superb condition with all leaves on the ground which made for easy navigation. First aid was at Hydro Road which was a grab and go affair. 
    The next section saw fast running when trail allowed and each runner taking pulls at the front. Coastal sections were drying up and you were able to move quicker on the flat rocks, but still had to be aware of their wetness. We got turned around on one section of coastal trail in this section that cost us around 5 minutes. The bog section grew old very quick. Since there was lots of rain in the past week, many puddles where mid shin depth and unavoidable. They were also very cold. Effort was steady up last climb and picked up on descent into Schreiber beach, where bags had been dropped earlier in the day. We also had support available from one of the runners family (Thank you).   
       Schreiber to rainbow was solid running through trail and quick work on the coastal sections as the rocks were now dry. Power hiking up the steep rock sections seemed to work best for this terrain. Aid was waiting at rainbow falls with supplies and personal bags being placed there earlier in day. 
     Rainbow Falls into the finish was by far the hardest running effort of the day. All sections were ran and hills power hiked up. Effort really increased in the last 6km as trail allowed for good running. Temperatures dropped and It began to snow for last 40 minutes of run, which made for fun finish.

Total time 07:43:41.